Friday, July 11, 2008

Gospel Rally September 2008

The following link is an informational video regarding the gospel rally that would be run by STEMI Singapore from 11th to 14th September 2008.

The schedules are as follows:

Thursday the 11th
《耶稣是谁?》2008 唐崇荣布道会(新加坡)

Friday the 12th
《耶稣是谁?》2008 唐崇荣布道会(新加坡)Day 2

Saturday the 13th
《耶稣是谁?》2008 Gospel Rally for Children

Saturday the 13th
《耶稣是谁?》2008 唐崇荣布道会(新加坡)Day 3

Sunday the 14th
《耶稣是谁?》2008 唐崇荣布道会(新加坡)Day 4

Do invite your family, relatives and friends to come along.


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